Michael Mantle, Curate, St Helens, Bishopgate


Miles has been an outstanding coach.  Among other things I was impressed by the following: he has a very clear teaching style, an ability to understand what issues/problems lies behind questions asked, a readiness to follow up with supplementary material and suggestions after sessions, a clear concern that one ‘gets’ GTD rather than simply to tick the box of coaching requirements, and a friendly and approachable manner. GTD® has provided me with a framework and way of operating that has increased my efficiency significantly.  Moreover, I have experienced significant stress relief and anxiety reduction due to now having a trustworthy place for what I want to do and a way of being regularly reminded of this.  GTD makes sense and I have already begun to share it with others. I would recommend Miles as a GTD® Coach and heartily encourage others to request him.  Indeed, I may well ask to have him as a coach for my PA when I arrive at my new job in July (where I will have a PA for the first time).

Alan Rhodes, Managing Director, Financial Services


Coaching worked very well for me.  I am self-taught, and have often struggled with some of the GTD concepts. Consequently, I found myself getting lost as I tried to apply the methodology. Our sessions helped clarify and crystallise an approach which has greatly improved my productivity. I still have plenty to do and it’s a continuous learning journey, but I’m on the right track and already experiencing the benefits. I would recommend Miles as a GTD coach.  I found his approach instructive, his guidance clear, he adapted to questions/situations and his demeanour is calm and reflective (just what is needed to reinforce the ‘control of your circumstances and work’ philosophy). In conclusion, I have greatly valued the coaching and look forward to continually refining my GTD technique. I got out exactly what I wanted, and more, and I would recommend GTD coaching to others.

Professor Josie Fraser, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Open University


GTD is the only thing that keeps me sane with my workload and management and I was very pleased with how the team engaged with the course to see if it could help them. There was great engagement driven by lots of opportunities to ask questions, which were always ably dealt with and great suggestions from Miles, as our coach. I’d definitely recommend the course to other organisations who want to develop shared ways of thinking about workload management, productivity and staff well-being, especially in complex knowledge-work environments. I think many of us are experiencing difficulties with work-life balance and work-life boundaries in working from home and always “on” devices to connect us to our email and our colleagues. The deep thinking that happens about work, and the shared experience of talking about workload, control, managing effectively and having the data/evidence to inform conversations with your reports and/or your manager, is so valuable; just as much as the tools that GTD coaching gives to do that effective management for your own sense of purpose and balance.

Ben Hartley, Director, Carterwood Ltd

I had some reservations around how to get the GTD system to work from reading the book and if I had not used Miles I know I still would be trying to get it – but I do now and am starting to trust my system. I have recommended Miles to my business partner and I will also recommend Miles to anyone without hesitation and already have done.  Miles is a very calm, knowledgeable and adaptable coach and great to work with – I will be keeping in touch to ensure I stay on the GTD wagon – although it will be unthinkable for me to return to previous pre-GTD mode.  I cannot understand why I would ever go back regardless of what changes happen over the next few years / decades.

Anshul Kapoor, Director, Image Foundry


After a 2 year period of 'toying' with GTD I understood its power but I wasn't wielding it in the intended way in order to maximise the benefit. Then, after hearing there was going to be an unexpected addition to our family, my immediate thought was the need to accelerate my quest for being organised and on the ball. I run a creative agency and also recently took on another healthcare business so was under a great deal of pressure and a third child would only increase the pull on my time.


Miles is a great coach. He has a deep level of understanding of GTD and how it can be applied to every aspect of life and to any situation. He took the time to understand where I was with GTD and what my needs were, and he also has a relaxed and easy manner to his training which helped immensely. Following each of the coaching sessions I felt motivated and confident about practicing what I had just learnt and I would highly recommend him. Indeed, I have already recommended GTD to my peers and one of my senior managers.

Liane Grimshaw, Managing Director, SupaReal


Miles did an amazing job of explaining the GTD concepts, the process and the tools in a clear, easy to understand way. I had not realised some of the links with other aspects of mental capacity and productivity I am practicing. I'd love to get my whole team trained on GTD at some point and I have been talking about it to friends and peers. Miles was extremely easy to work with. He is a very relaxed and calm trainer which was a great characteristic, especially when dealing with someone like me who has been initiating lots of potentially stressful change recently. I am now adopting GTD daily and it has made a significant difference to the way I plan my work and run my days. I needed that!

Henry Thornhill, Retail Director, Ireland


I recently finished GTD coaching with Miles. I found the coaching sessions fantastic as I have great ideas but I was not getting through my days and weeks without the feeling of overwhelm. I always felt more in control of my day-to-day life afterwards and more in control of my time. While I am just at the start of my GTD journey I am hungry to improve and will definitely be contacting Miles for more coaching to review and seek to improve my GTD process and take it to the next level. I would definitely recommend Miles to other people as he is thoroughly easy to talk to and helped me to unpick some quasi-projects such as relationships with people. I have had experience with a variety of other coaching and mentoring but nothing comes close GTD.

Kate Gordon, Enterprise Manager, The Canal and River Trust


In 2016 I read the ‘Getting Things Done’ book by David Allen and could see unique value in the system it was encouraging me to apply to my life – but I felt the need to access someone who could teach me the system so I could really understand how to implement to my individual life circumstances. It's now been nearly 3 years since I started my GTD journey and whilst the challenges keep coming (and getting bigger), I continue to improve my ability to manage all of them in a reliable & tailored GTD system that works for me. It enables me to feel confident, calm and passionate about what I am doing, with clear focus on what needs to be done NOW and an understanding of my overall direction of travel (which keeps me motivated during the more challenging times). I highly recommend the GTD system and having Miles as a course leader & coach. His combined approach of professionalism, personal experience and general warmth as a individual makes time with him very insightful and enjoyable.